FIT-P testimonial!

Check out this testimonial from a new FIT-P (Fitness Improvement Training Program) Soldier!  (personal identifiers were removed)

Yesterday was my scheduled meeting with the Fit Instructor in my Area, SGT Canfield. The meeting went great. I first received the call from Canfield on Friday about having myself come in and voluntary sign up for this new program. I am extremely excited about this program. It is just the motivation and resource I need to get going at the gym. I am coming off a very bad xxxx injury from last year and I am getting to the end of my recovery. Perfect timing for the start of a life change experience to get myself back to being a top notch war fighter.


SGT Canfield went over eating habits, do’s and don’ts during the program. Canfield covered the workouts I would be starting out with after he reviewed my health history. I really felt welcomed and comfortable talking with him about my plan. I was hand receipted a fit bit and downloaded the My Fitness Pal app on my phone so he is able to check on my health and food logs. I like how he comes to me and really makes the program easy and comfortable to sign up for. I am very honored I have this opportunity to take part in this new program.  I feel my results will show the program can and will work with a soldier that truly wants to continue their career. I am that soldier. I’ve served the Missouri Army National Guard proudly for xx years, and I am not done yet. I may be coming off what some would say a career ending profile, but if the Army won’t give up on me, I won’t give up on it. I am very excited about this program and I am ready to prove the system in place will work.

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