FIT-P Testimonial

FIT-P Testimonial from a recent graduate!SPC Hennecke, Ryan FIT-P graduation Pic

The first day I enrolled into Fit-P I was a bit skeptic about the program. I didn’t know much about it and was unsure of the results I would get but as time progressed I learned a lot about programming workouts, my diet, pushing myself, moderating my personal habits such as chewing tobacco and other positive reinforcement. Before I enrolled I was taking supplements to help increase my weight lifting gains but I weaned myself off the supplements in hopes that I wouldn’t need them with the Fit-P program and boy was I right. I still weight lifted without the supplements and used the PT exercises given to me by SSG Williams.

I transitioned my weightlifting to basically doing PT and APFT exercises 5 days a week to further help myself pass the APFT. Over the 5-6 weeks I worked with SSG Williams in coordination with my upcoming APFT. I noticed that I had lost nearly 10lbs, noticed a huge difference in cardio, and had more confidence in myself to pass the APFT. Using the Tabata workout, I got to see results every week and that built confidence in not only myself but in the program as well. I now know what I need to program in order to pass and I can build on top of that to not only pass the APFT but to exceed the minimum. I have the Fit-P program to thank for providing me with the information and experience to pass the APFT. I have recommended this program to anyone that I know that has trouble with the APFT because it is a program that you not only get to see the results on paper but you can feel how better the program has made you as a person and soldier.

-SPC Hennecke

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