Fitness Friday Tip: Workout Battle Buddies

Fitness Friday May 18, 2018

Having a Fitness Battle Buddy

2LT David Ford

Having a hard time being accountable in the gym? Get a friend involved. Having a friend will hold you accountable. You will have fewer skipped workouts, be more motivated to show up and work harder. Having another person with you can make you push harder than you ever though you could. If your fitness partner is someone faster and stronger you will test your own limits. Working with a friend can boost confidence and support you in your workout journey. They can even serve as your spotter for the days you really want to push your limits on that one rep max.

Time also seems to fly when you are having fun. If you can enjoy your time while working out this will make you want to continue. Having someone there to talk with between sets can make your time go by faster, and be more enjoyable. Every moment on that treadmill also is not so bad when you have that friend running alongside you. Having this extra motivation will also keep you from being side tracked with all the negative thoughts. How much time is left? Why does my leg hurt? Why am I not losing weight? We have all let our minds wonder while running. When you see that Fitness Battle Buddy working just like you are, things just do not seem to be so bad.

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