Fitness Friday Tip of the Week: Join a fitness challenge!

tire flip

Fitness challenges can provide motivation to work out, a competitive drive to push a little harder, and accountability.

FIT-P’s June Fitness Challenge starts Monday June 4, 2018, here are the details:

FIT-P’s June Fitness Challenge:


YouTube link:


Four weeks, starting June 4, 2018!

To join the challenge:

1) click ‘attending’ on our Facebook ( challenge event and post:

  1. a) your name b) your unit c) your last APFT score

2) email

  1. a) your name b) your unit c) your last APFT score


4 weeks, 4 different tests of Army Fitness

Each week, a workout will be announced/posted at 1500 on Monday. Athletes have until Saturday at 1900 to complete the workout and post their score. You may complete the workout more than once (if you wish) and submit only your best score.

The first workout will be released Monday 04 June 2018. Post your score in our Facebook event or email


Divisions: Advanced–APFT > 260 (male & female, respectively)

Intermediate–APFT 180-260 (male & female, respectively)

Novice–APFT < 180 (male & female, respectively)

The top finishers in each division after all four weeks will receive a prize!

To enter: indicate you are attending on this event OR email

This event is open to anyone/everyone: awards will be given to top MONG finishers.

Challenge your entire unit to participate!

A dynamic warm-up should be conducted prior to every workout; an example is the PRT prep drill, MMD1, and MMD2. This is simply a challenge to promote fitness comradery. This is not a full workout regimen. Regular aerobic and resistance training are recommended.

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