Nutrition Monday Tip of the Week


Looking to eat healthier?  Try starting with a SMART goal.

2LT Megan Webb

Often the idea of trying a healthier diet may seem daunting.  One strategy many people find helpful is to start with a SMART goal.  A SMART goal is:

Specific:  instead of “I want to eat healthier” try to be more specific—how do you want to eat healthier?  Perhaps “I want to eat at least three servings of vegetables per day” or I want to limit myself to one soda per week.”

Measureable:  how will you know if you met your goal or not.  Three servings of vegetables per day can be measured.  You did it or you didn’t.  Or you did it five out of seven days this week.

Attainable:  Is this goal something that I can realistically do?  If eating three servings of vegetables each day is not realistic for you; maybe your goal could be one or two servings of vegetables.  Setting a realistic, yet challenging goal can help improve your chances of success.  Once you meet your goal, you can always set another, new goal.

Relevant:  Why is this important to you?

Time-bound:  When will you start?  For how long?  i.e.  I will eat at least three serving of vegetables per day, starting tomorrow, I will re-evaluate in two weeks.

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