Fitness Friday: The Power of Positive Thinking

Improving Performance through Positive Thinking.

By: 2LT Mike Taylor

There is an issue that is widely prevalent in most people and that is the tendency to be critical and hard on themselves. For example people aren’t satisfied with the effort that they gave in the gym despite it being a good level of work, people think they aren’t fast enough, that they didn’t lift a heavy enough weight, in general people have the tendency to be their worst critics.

There is a theory that says you can improve your overall performance by simply being able to think positively. When we encounter our situations, we begin talking to ourselves internally. Often times that tone is negative and can influence our emotions, which can influence us physically, resulting in poor performance. By changing the tone of that internal conversation we can change how we feel about a situation and change our physical capabilities.

In order to be successful in the long run, in whatever activities we do, developing the ability to think positively in times of stress will positively influence our results.

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