Nutrition Monday: Beware the shiny label


Beware the shiny label

By: 2LT Mike Taylor

If you are like most people looking to improve your overall performance, chances are you’re trying to find what will give the best results the quickest way possible. It is not uncommon that some people are drawn to stores that offer a variety of supplements. Supplements can be beneficial to some if taken correctly, however the emphasis is on “if taken correctly”.

Many supplements are aimed at people looking for the quick and easy way to get “jacked and shredded” as fast as possible and use tactics like fancy packaging and media to make their sale. However the user doesn’t always understand how this supplement will actually affect their body or what is actually in the supplement.

An easy example is the supplement Creatine. Many people have heard of creatine, and a lot of people have probably seen some form of marketing where a model has sworn their results have been improved through its use, leading that customer to believe that they need to take it as well. However, what you don’t see is the explanation of how creatine actually benefits the body and who would benefit from its supplementation. It is just blanket-marketed to an entire population with the hope that Johny-Newguy will buy it.

With any supplement, there are pros and cons to it’s use and one size does not fit all. Supplementation can work for some if done correctly, like anything else you’re considering doing with your body or putting in your body, it is highly encouraged you do thorough research before you use it.

A great resource for information on supplements is Operation Supplement Safety (OPSS).  This site has information on specific supplements and specific information for service members, as some supplements are not allowed in the military.

Check out the OPSS supplement score card above.

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