Nutrition Tip of the Week: Make half your plate veggies & fruit

FIT-P’s Nutrition Tip of the Week

July 23, 2018

LT Webb

Trying to eat a little healthier?  Often, it may feel like you have to GIVE UP so many things that you enjoy…  Without all of these things, how can you possibly feel satisfied?  Instead, perhaps try to focus on what you can ADD.

The USDA recommends making half of our plates fruits and vegetables—that is half of your plate at EVERY meal.  Vegetables can be very nutrient dense (lots of vitamins and minerals) while not being calorie dense.  Calorie dense foods have a lot of calories in a relatively small quantity of food (think candy bars—lots of calories in a little package).  Eating a half a plate of veggies (not fried, covered in butter, or dipped in ranch) can help you feel full by suppling a larger quantity of food and fiber while also delivering a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.

Need veggie ideas?  Look for seasonal veggies—these are often lower cost, may taste the best, and are packed with goodness.  Consider summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, asparagus, and many, many more.

Try to focus on what healthy items you can add to your diet, rather than what you may need to eliminate.  Perhaps seek out a new vegetable or a favorite prepared in a new way.

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