Nutrition Tip of the Week!

TREAT YO’SELF……responsibly

2LT Mike Taylor

We’ve talked previously about making good food choices along your fitness journey to promote and encourage better results. It is important to pay attention to what you eat to really get the most out of your body. However, we’ve also mentioned that it is all about balance. Specifically, it is ok to have some of the comfort food that you love every once in a while. It’s important to maintain a healthy relationship with food.

That being said, you can’t treat yourself all the time, and when you do, there is such thing as overdoing it. So, while you do enjoy said comfort food, try to do it with a health focused mind set.

Take for example going to a sit-down restaurant: as you peruse the menu try to avoid things that include the words fried, sautéed, crusted, or breaded while also being mindful of all the additional sauces and dressings that come on the side. Also, keep in mind restaurant portions are often larger than normal. So when your waiter comes, ask them immediately for a take-home box and cut your dinner in half before you get started.

As stated previously, balance is key and understanding how to utilize that balance will help you drastically as you continue toward your goals

2 thoughts on “Nutrition Tip of the Week!

  1. MOARNG Fit-P Team, My apologies in advance for being slightly OCD, but I created a spreadsheet for myself to track my Fitness Challenge progress and I noticed that the weekly reporting could have been Monday through Sunday (first week currently only has six days and last week has one day). That was merely in case you needed Improves for you AAR in October, because otherwise I see nothing but sustains with everything else.  And thank you, I don’t mind PT but I occasionally need motivation and this definitely fits the bill… V/r,SFC Donald L Burgett, II  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


    1. Yes, good point. The Sun-Sat week is the default setting. For the future, we will look into changing it! Thank for playing!


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