Fitness Friday!

SSG Charles Williams

Stretch Before You Sleep

When it comes to physical fitness this is a busy time of year for members of the Missouri National Guard, which makes recovery more important than ever. Right now I know everyone is hitting the gym hard to get ready for the October APFT and everyone is also participating in the MOGUARD Fitness Multi-Challenge 2018. If you are not doing both of these consider this your notice.

This week’s Fitness Tip: I wanted to talk about a way to improve one of the most important parts of recovery “Sleep”, more specifically stretching before sleep. Stretching before bed has become one of my newest additions to my nightly bedtime routine. Most people know all the benefits of stretching after a workout but are unaware of the benefits of stretching before bed. Studies have shown that muscle tightness and soreness can make it difficult for the body to fully relax which leads to restlessness throughout the night. There are also mental benefits to relaxing your body and practicing deep breathing throughout your stretching. Being able to wind down from the day and prepare your body for sleep will not only help you fall asleep faster, it will help you stay asleep. Check out some of these great stretches and give it a try for a couple of nights, then literally lay back and reap the benefits!!!!!


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