Fitness Friday!

Fitness Friday – Get unbalanced.

SGT Thomas Canfield

A lot of people have a tendency to overlook core work when utilizing a fitness program. The truth of the matter is core stabilization is very important in just about everything you do with any program. It is the building block which effectively holds you in place while conducting other movements whether those movements be strength, endurance, or power based.

Many programs call for a base level of training that emphasizes building core strength before progressing onto further steps, or to return to stabilization as a mode of recovery.

One method that stabilization training that yields positive results is using (controlled) unstable environment tools like a bosu ball. Research suggests that exercises performed in unstable environments yield better results for the purpose of stabilization than in stable (seated) positions. You can also work on this by standing for a movement or balancing on one foot for example.

Make sure you take time to properly train your core for the benefit of your program’s overall goal.

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