Nutrition Tip of the Week!

2LT David Ford

Limit Your Processed Foods

This week’s nutrition tip is going to be short and sweet.  Try to limit the amount of processed foods that you eat.  A great way to do this is make a natural, homemade versions of the store bought foods that you like.  An example of this could be to make your own granola bar.  Another great way to do this is to eat more whole foods like your fruits and vegetables.  The kicker with that is to be sure they are not smothered in sauces or processed to sit on a shelf of in a freezer forever.  Try to buy fresh or even frozen but not in a sauce.

When you eat less of the processed store bought foods you can lower many of the unwanted nutrients.  You can reduce the amount of sodium and added sugar.  You can also substitute some of the unhealthy items form a healthier choice.  An example could be removing the butter and using coconut oil in its place.  Another example could be to just remove or use less sugar than a recipe calls for.  Give this a try and see how much better you can feel.

I have linked a few recopies for you to give a try


Grab and Go Cranberry Granola Bar


Chewy Apple Cinnamon Granola Bar

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