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Fitness Tip

SSG Charles Williams

Finding Your Fitness Identity (Part 1)

One thing I constantly hear from soldiers is that they just don’t know what kind of fitness program to follow or what to do when they enter the gym. Thankfully the fitness industry offers a variety of fitness experiences for the newer fitness seeker. Today I want to talk a little bit about the different type of classes offered in the public sector. I hope you may find a new program that interests you and sparks a new fitness journey. Note, always contact your physician before changing or trying any new fitness regimen. FIT-P does not endorse nor condemn any form of these public fitness methods.

Orange Theory

Out of all of the classes, this is one of the newer ones to hit the industry. The market scheme is that the participant wears a heart rate monitor and tracks their heart rates as they pass into fat burning and peak zones. Screens display the points the participant earns from reaching the fat burning zone during the workout. Each workout is broken down into two different groups: 1) cardio/ sprints on the treadmill, bike, or rower and 2) weight/body weight movements with TRX, boxes, dumbbells, and kettlebells. The groups participate in one of the two workouts for 30 minutes and switch. This routine is a high intensity, loud music, orange and darkly lit, non-stop sweating workout. For those with light injuries, they have some modifications. Participants with less experience or worse injuries should consult a physician before attending a class because of the one trainer who may not be able to catch your need for modifications. Go try out a free class and see if this intense workout is for you!


Yoga has a million different classes that are excellent for mental strength, flexibility and range of motion work. This workout isn’t always perfect for weight loss as it doesn’t have a high intensity during the routine. Remaining flexible throughout your life is extremely beneficial for fitness and daily living. Look into yoga classes to help relax and free yourself from some unnecessary blocks. Find your local practice to try a studio class and look for free sessions in your area.

Group Classes

Group classes are an excellent way to try all forms of workouts while in your gym and give you’re a sense of community as well. Many gyms such as the YMCA provide group classes that range from tai chi and yoga to high intensity interval training, indoor cycling, or boot camp. Different classes offer a variety of purposes and intensities so that you can choose a mix of elements for your workout. Look in your area for gyms that offer group classes, it could be a deciding factor for a membership.


The final and most recognizable name for a fitness trend. Many people give it a bad name, many people praise it, but you should really develop your own opinion simply by trying out a class. Now, not every gym is for every person and some may not be so beginner friendly.  In my experience, many gyms require that new clients go through an introduction period to learn the movements and prevent an injury during training. Once you begin to participate in workouts you will notice a sense of community and competition. Workouts have all kinds of modalities but often focus on multi system, Olympic lifts followed by some kind of endurance work. If you think you are ready to jump in, find a local box today.

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