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2LT Ford

Can I PT in Cold Weather?

Now that the weather is cooling down most of us have moved indoors for our training.  I have no problem with that.  By now you know that I am a firm believer that if you want to get better at something you have to do it.  So if I want to get better at push-ups, I have to do push-ups.  If I want to get better at my 2 mile run, I have to do some 2 mile runs.  Just because the weather is cold does not mean you have to stop running outside.  Now you still need to use your best judgment on being outside.  If there is 1 inch of ice covering your route, maybe stay inside?  If the conditions are a little better than that I will give you a few more tips to keep you warm and beating that cold weather.

My first tip.  You should look to cover you head, fingers, and toes.  When we workout our blood stays constricted in our core.  This makes our limbs more susceptible to the cold.  You may even try to use roomier shoes to accommodate the extra layers.  Another addition that may help keep you warm is the use of some latex gloves under your regular gloves.  You can also do the same with your feet.  Use a plastic bag for your feet.  Now if you do some burpees you will stay dry.  Remember that a large percent of heat is lost from our head.  So a hat is a must.  For some extra protection you can use a full face mask or scarf.

My second tip.  You should try to wear layers of synthetic fabrics followed by some fleece and wool.  Using layers can help keep you warm while out in the cold elements.  Your first layer should be a synthetic fabric that will wick moisture away from your skin.  Follow that with a fleece or wool to help insulate your body.  You can use multiple layers of this if needed.  The final layer should be something breathable yet waterproof.  This will help repel wind and mild precipitation.

My third and final tip.  Do not overdress.  I know we discussed using layers but you do not want to have too many. This can cause excess sweating and will cause the body to be wet.  This can actually cause you to lose heat and lower your body temperature.  It is ok to feel a little cold at first.  You can always remove a layer if need be.  It is an experiment to see how your body tolerates your layers.

Now that you have some good cold weather training tips, get out there and keep training!

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