Fitness Tip of the Week

Pose to Prevent Injury –

SGT Brandon Koontz

It’s funny to me that most people hire Certified Personal Trainers and
Coaches to learn how to squat or deadlift properly to maintain good form and
avoid injury. Yet, most people have never thought about contacting a CPT or
Coach before they lace up their shoes and go for a run. Different studies
have shown that 65% of all runners will be injured in a given year (severity
of injury widely varied), 50 % of injuries are recurring, and dedicated
runners lose on average up to 10% of their training time due to injury. What
if I told you nearly all of these injuries were preventable? What if you
never had to wonder if you’ll ever get back to where you once were, because
you never lost it? There are many factors that lead to injury; including, but not
limited to, tight hamstrings, weak glutes, foot strike, stride length, etc.
This short video emphasizes the importance of shortening the stride length
in order to prevent injury and improve running performance. 

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