Fitness Tip of the Week!

SSG Ashley Anderson

Making exercise a habit

When it comes to exercise do you ever find yourself making excuses such as: I’m too busy, I’m just too tired, I’m not athletic I can’t exercise, or even my health isn’t great or I’m just too old? Exercise and fitness shouldn’t be looked at like a chore but should be viewed as a daily routine liked taking a shower, eating, and heading to bed around the same time every night. This may be hard to do but the benefits to being healthy greatly outweigh unhealthy habits.

There are a few ways to keep in track and stick with the healthy lifestyle.

  1. Make it personal! This is your life no one else’s. Find the activities that interest you and if you can find a family member or friend to join you on the journey.
  2. Fit it in! Plan your workouts. These are meeting you created for yourself, you would a cancel a meeting with an important client or supervisor? Don’t cancel on yourself!
  3. Set goals! Create a SMART goal and use small term goals to work towards a long term goal.
  4. Chart progress! Hold yourself accountable and chart and record your daily goals.
  5. Reward your efforts! Now this doesn’t mean reward yourself with food. If you achieved a short term goal reward yourself with getting a massage, a mani and a peti, buying a new piece of fitness equipment, or whatever it is to keep you motivated.

With the holidays approaching and the New Year just around the corner, start your fitness journey now. Why wait?



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