Fitness Tip of the Week!

Fitness Tip

Consistency in the New Year

2LT Taylor

As we move closer to the New Year, inevitably people everywhere will make millions of resolutions to improve who they are. A good portion of those resolutions will be fitness focused, and an even smaller portion will come to fruition. As people start their journey to fitness, too often the fall into “don’t have time” excuse. Life is busy, but the journey to improving your health begins with consistency.

Getting into a routine and maintaining can boost results. If you make it a part of your day, it’s less of a chore and more of the usual. Some tips you can remember when trying to develop your consistency are;

Don’t bite off more than you can chew: overcommitting is a big resolution-buster. Make smaller goals and understand how fitness fits into your day. From knowing how many days you can commit to working out to knowing how long each workout will be.

Write it into your schedule: the easiest way to get out of the “no time” excuse is to look at what your daily schedule looks like. If you have gaps that you could reasonably fit some work into, capitalize on that. Incorporating the top tip into this one, don’t write down 4am workout if you barely are moving at 7am.

Lastly, take pride in your journey: one problem we all have is comparing our results to the results of some insta-model and feeling discouraged. The person we need to beat every day is the guy from yesterday. Understand that you are unique, and your journey will be as well. Take pride in milestones that you pass to stay motivated to pass more!

Take these tips with you to 2019 and truly work towards being a better you!

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