2019 Fitness Challenges!!

Fitness Challenges: 

FIT-P is kicking off the new year with a series of challenges!  Our goal is to encourage MOARNG Soldiers to keep their health and the health of their battle buddies a priority throughout the year.

All Soldiers are encouraged to participate.  Participation from everyone helps demonstrate that fitness is something we all need to work on; participation from our leadership and fit Soldiers demonstrates leading by example; participation by our Soldiers who need to improve fitness provides accountability; and participation by everyone helps promote fitness culture.

All challenges will be tracked through Challenge Runner.  Participants may sign-up and join a challenge at www.moguard.challengerunner.com  There is also a mobile app (Challenge Runner) for Apple and Android that makes it easy to log your daily participation.  You may sign-up or sign-in at any time, but you won’t be able to join a challenge until the first day (01 January for the three challenges below).

Starting 01 January 2019:

  • January hand release push up challenge—participants log their repetitions of hand release push-ups daily at moguard.challengerunner.com HRPU Challenge Video Announcement
  • Give it up challenge—have a bad habit? Give it up with us!  Participants may pick the habit they wish to give up and log their daily success at moguard.challengerunner.com

Give It Up Challenge Video Announcement

2019 Challenge Schedule:

  • 01 January – 31 December 2019: Miles challenge (year-long)
  • 01 January – 31 March 2019: Give it up challenge
  • 01-31 January 2019: Hand release push up challenge
  • 01-28 February 2019: Burpee challenge
  • 01 March – 30 April 2019: APFT prep challenge with awards
  • May 2019: APFT
  • 01 May – 31 December 2019: Power lifting challenge (continuing indefinitely)
  • 01-30 June 2019: Miles challenge (month-long)
  • 01-31 July 2019: Mountain climber challenge
  • 01 August – 30 September 2019: APFT prep challenge with awards
  • October 2019: APFT
  • 01-30 November 2019: Lunges challenge
  • 01 November 2019 – 31 December 2019: Healthy Holiday Challenge
  • 01-31 December 2019: Reverse crunch challenge


Prizes will only be awarded for the two APFT PREP Challenges.  Awards will be per fitness peer group (based on APFT score).  Awards will also be given at the company level.

POCs:  LT Megan Webb, 785-565-1536, mofitp@gmail.com & LT David Ford, david.e.ford65.mil@mail.mil

Hand release push-up video

Give It Up Challenge

Year-long Running Miles Challenge


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