February Burpee Challenge!!

February Burpee Challenge! 

Check out our kick-off video:  https://youtu.be/oNfJGHRNItA

01-28 February 2019, record your number of completed burpees daily!

For a repetition to count, you must start standing, your chest must touch the floor, return to standing (jump or step), and finish with a jump (feet leave the floor) with your hands overhead.  Report your repetitions daily!

Track your repetitions at https://moguard.challengerunner.com  and/or with the Challenge Runner mobile app.  Previous participants will be auto-enrolled in the challenge.

Our goal is to encourage MOARNG Soldiers to keep their health and the health of their battle buddies a priority throughout the year.

All Soldiers are encouraged to participate.  Participation from everyone helps demonstrate that fitness is something we all need to work on; participation from our leadership and fit Soldiers demonstrates leading by example; participation by our Soldiers who need to improve fitness provides accountability; and participation by everyone helps promote fitness culture.

POCs:  LT Megan Webb, 785-565-1536, mofitp@gmail.com & LT David Ford, david.e.ford65.mil@mail.mil



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