Finding a Personal Trainer

SGT Thomas Canfield

How to find a personal trainer.

With New Year resolutions and an APFT right around the corner, it is important to properly prepare to pass. Of course, your best bet if you are failing APFT is to contact your local FIT-P coach. For those who struggle, but can pass, finding a civilian trainer may be intimidating. Today’s tip will help you find the best trainer for your needs.

  • Understand what makes a trainer.

In the state of Missouri, a personal trainer DOESN’T have to be certified to work. That being said, most facilities won’t hire a trainer that isn’t certified. Certification comes from a national accreditation which many companies offer. Not all personal training certifications have the same requirements.  It is important to know what training your personal trainer has had and/or what they have not had.


  • Experience and referrals

We know that some people can get certified in anything and still not be the best at what they do. It is important to verify how long that person has been a trainer and other certifications they may have. More than likely, experience can translate to efficiency. Another way to verify their efficiency is by looking at previous clients and the success they achieved.

  • Locations and what you can expect

When looking for a trainer you will likely find different gyms and styles of trainers. Remember, it is okay to ask questions:  what is their training philosophy?  What do previous clients have to say?  What type of success have they seen with other clients?  Do these things match up with your personal goals?  If the trainer or gym doesn’t seem like a good match, find a trainer that is a good match for you.

Final note is do your research, verify experience and find the trainer that best fits your needs. Good luck and happy training!

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