APFT Prep Challenge Week #3 Bonus

APFT Prep Challenge Week #3 Bonus

This bonus is focusing on water consumption.  Track your water consumption; for at least five days this week, drink at least 64 ounces of water each day.

This challenge is for WATER, not coffee, soda, energy drinks, juice, milk, sports drinks, or even tea.

Because this bonus spans five days, you could not enter the data into challenge runner as complete until at least Friday (5 days).

The amount of water each of us needs every day depends on many factors, including; your body size, gender, activity level, and even the environmental conditions.  Many people may need much more then 64 ounces per day; 64 is simply a MINIMUM goal per day for this challenge.  If you think you already drink plenty of water, try keeping track this week to see just how much water you are really drinking.


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