APFT Prep Challenge Week #4 Bonus!

Week #4 Bonus:  Mobility

Spend at least 20 minutes on mobility.  Examples include:  attend a yoga class, follow along with a yoga video online, or spend at least 20 minutes on your own stretching, foam rolling, or otherwise working on your mobility.

New to mobility work?  It may be easiest and most beneficial to attend a yoga class—in person or online.  If you are unsure what to do, a class will help.  There are many, many yoga studios and gyms that offer yoga across the state and across the world.  There are also many, many videos available to follow along with online (even a few on the FIT-P Facebook page).  There are also many, many types of yoga—for this challenge, any form is perfectly fine.

Movement Principle 1: First move well, then move often. – Grey Cook


How well our body moves is the basis for our gains in speed and strength.  Improper movement can predispose us to injury.  Therefore, it makes sense to spend time improving our movement and our mobility.  If you have poor mobility in your hips, ankles, or tight hamstrings—simply running more miles may not help you to run faster—working to improve your hip mobility AND running for speed and distance will help you run faster.

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