APFT Prep Challenge Week #5 Bonus


APFT Prep Challenge Week #5 Bonus!

Sleep.  Sleep matters.

Sleep is an integral part of our health and our fitness.  How much sleep we need does vary from person to person—depending on age, activity level, gender, stress, and many other factors.

This week’s challenge is to track your sleep.  If you have a fitness tracker that measures your sleep, you may use that.  If not, just note what time you go to bed each night and what time you wake up.  If you measure your sleep with this method, it is important to note that you are likely not sleeping the entire time you are in bed.  Most people are awake for at least 30-60 minutes from the time they go to bed to the time they wake up.

For this challenge, record the amount (hours and minutes) of sleep that you get each night for five nights in a row; find the average (mean) amount of sleep per night and post it in the comments on Challenge Runner.  Note, you must indicate completion of the bonus on Challenge Runner for points AFTER you completed the challenge (all five nights).

For this challenge, naps don’t count.

Food for thought:  How did you feel with this amount of sleep?  Did you feel different on days where you slept more or less?  Did you feel well rested and energetic?  Did you feel exhausted, dragging, or unmotivated?  Moving forward, consider setting a goal amount of sleep for each night.  Perhaps even set an alarm 30 minutes prior to bedtime indicating that it is time to prepare for sleep.

Check out these tips from the National Sleep Foundation:


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