FIT-P Tip of the Week

SGT Canfield, Thomas

Title Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation!

The APFT is right around the corner again and if you’re smart, you’re participating in the FIT-P APFT Prep Challenge. If not, please reach out to us for the Fall APFT Challenge to win prizes and compete with your peers. With all this training we can often get lost in what we are doing or disorganized. This may lead to something almost as bad as not training—that is overtraining. Suddenly, those aches and pains start setting in and your elbow can’t extend, that knee locks out, that back is sore, and so much more. Proper progression and carefully planning a workout are vital to successful gains. Let’s break down each event:

The Pushup: Yes, you should be focused on increasing your pushups endurance which means hammering out rep after rep. Make sure that you aren’t going for max pushups every day. Instead focus on endurance as well as strength. For example, a pushup triangle or PRT pushup drill may be done twice a week for endurance; you may follow that with front leaning rest holds for strength or weighted pushups for lower reps only twice a week.

The sit-up: It is hard to over train this event but make sure you are giving your hips rest from running to ensure maximum recovery.

The Run: Running every day isn’t good for you, stop doing it. In order to increase your running performance, mix up long distance with H.I.I.T training/sprint training to increase well-rounded performance. It is best for those people who aren’t hardcore runners to perform cardio three times a week.

Most importantly, warm-up and stretch properly to prevent injury in all of these events. If something starts to hurt then it is time to rest those muscles and use other muscles to reach your goals. Place ice on swelling, use compression when getting back into training that muscle and elevate any swollen ankles. Take care of your bodies and they will perform for you!

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