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Mo Fit P GraphicFitness Tip of the Week
Moving on with an injury.

Many of us know someone in our formation who may be on a temporary or permanent profile. There can be a huge stigma behind being on profile and it can weigh on a soldier. I personally suffered and injury over a year ago and I will never 100% recover. I understand how hard it can become mentally to no longer be who you once were because of this new injury. Instead, I want to discuss how you can find a new journey to fill that empty slot and how your battle buddies can support you.

An injury can take away things we enjoy, for me it was running, hiking, and rock climbing. Performing these activities becomes painful, difficult, and even kind of scary. Mentally it may keep you far away from these activities, the idea of not performing anymore can weigh you down. Eventually It can lead to depression, but you have to find a positive look through all of this. For me it was buying a mountain bike and meeting a group that meets weekly to ride and eat tacos. The support group I have found has enabled me to find a hobby I love and can physically do.

My recommendation is you do the same, find a hobby to be passionate about. Don’t let your injury own you; but instead, learn to live with it. Having a strong support group is so vital to your success. As battles it is your job to support that injured soldier as they transition their lives. Remember, it can happen to any of us, so remain compassionate and patient.

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