FIT-P Tip of the Week!

SGT Canfield

It is full blown summer which means sunburns and humidity. It also means people may be doing activities or drinking in the sun. Dehydration becomes a huge issue in these warm months and I want to talk about sports drinks for hydration. Sports drinks can have benefits in the summer months with electrolytes and sugar. However, there are times you should and should not consume them. If you are out in the sun working or doing a workout that exceeds 60 minutes then you may want to consider a sports drink. If you are eating healthy food and drinking water, you probably won’t need one; but if you are dehydrated then it may he an okay choice. The best way to consume these drinks is to pour half the drink into a bottle and then fill the rest with water, which is how it was intended. These drinks have a large amount of sugar that can range from 15 grams to 40 grams per bottle and make it a poor health choice for normal consumption. Do you research, read the nutrition label and when in doubt, just eat healthy foods and drink water.Mo Fit P Graphic

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