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The importance of protein:

Protein is made up of amino acids, responsible for building, repairing, and maintaining your muscles!  While it is possible to overconsume protein, most of the population is under eating the amount needed for optimal performance, recovery, and body composition changes. It is the most satiating of all the macronutrients as well—which means staying fuller, longer! Adding more protein may seem like a daunting task, however it can be as simple as a few more bites of chicken at lunch. It is not necessary to go grab the latest whey protein flavors on the market. You can find ways to even sneak in protein without realizing! Below are three recipes to increase your protein throughout the day.

  • Veggies and dip

Mix dill weed with non-fat, plain greek yogurt and dip your favorite raw veggies! (carrots, cucumber, zucchini, celery, broccoli—to name a few of my favorites!)

  • Oatmeal

Pre-packaged oatmeal are often filled with added sugar, next time your at the store pick up a bulk box of old fashion oats, quick oats, or steel cut oats to make your own! Add one part water and one part liquid egg whites (92 grams is 10 grams of added protein!) to your oats. Cook in the microwave for a few minutes, stirring occasionally to mix and break up the egg whites. Add fresh fruit, cinnamon, honey, or peanut butter! You cant even taste the egg whites and get the protein in your breakfast at the same time- win win!

  • Roasted chickpeas

In the mood for something crunchy? Try roasted chickpeas for your next salad topper or snack by itself! One serving has 6 grams of protein. Grab a can of chickpeas (unshelled) and drain. Pat them dry with a paper towel/ set them out. Spread on a baking sheet, lightly spray a thin layer of olive oil, and add whatever seasoning sounds good. Bake and viola! A delicious crunchy snack with 6-12 grams of protein, depending on serving size.

As always, preparing and planning is crucial to meet your goals. Put one of these on your meal plan this week and let us know how it went, tag @mofitp on Instagram with the hashtag #failtoplanORplantofail.Mo Fit P Graphic

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