APFT Prep Challenge Week #2 Bonus!

APFT Prep Challenge bonus workout #2:  To be completed 11 – 17 August 2019

Most MOARNG Soldiers struggling with PT are struggling with the run.  Additionally, most MOARNG Soldiers who score 100 points in two events, but not the third, are missing that 300 score because of the run.  This week’s bonus:  30/60s!

This may be completed on a treadmill, on a track, or simply outside—please watch for traffic and other obstacles!

The APFT Prep Challenge is regularly recording miles, but not speed work.  This week’s bonus point workout is 8 sets of 30/60s.

Warm-up (a good warm-up for sprints is the PRT Prep Drill, MMD1, and MMD2; any warm-up suitable for running for acceptable for this bonus)

Start with at least a ¼ mile jog

SPRINT for 30 seconds

WALK for 60 seconds

For 8 sets (don’t skip the final 60 second walk!)

Warm-down (a good warm down is the PRT Recovery Drill; any suitable warm-down is acceptable for this bonus)

Log ‘yes’, for completing this week’s bonus.  In the comments, tell us the date you completed the workout and how it went for you!

APFT alternate event participants (walk, bike, or swim) may do this workout on a BIKE or SWIMMING!  Sprint 30 seconds, easy pedal (easy swim) for 60 seconds.  Walkers may bike or swim for this bonus only.


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