FIT-P Tip of the Week!

OC Ashley Anderson

Obstacle Course Races

If you would like to challenge yourself and have fun with friends and family try an obstacle course race! Running by itself can be boring. Obstacle course runs can break up that monotony and give you a new fun challenge. Obstacle course runs will challenge you in a way that, as Soldiers, we can relate and bring back fun memories of Basic Training and the obstacle courses we had to overcome while there.

There are many different types of obstacle races that blend a happy medium of cardio and strength training. There are so many different types of obstacle course races no two are the same. The Warrior Dash, for instance, includes 12 obstacles over 5 kilometers, so it’s a good one for beginners. Then there is the Spartan races, these races have a range of distances and levels of difficulty – from its 3-mile “Sprint” to the “Ultra Beast,” a course that’s more than 26 miles and includes more than 60 obstacles. Those are just 2 different types there are many more out there. Every year the Tough Mudder takes place in Missouri and it is also a great obstacle course race for beginners to try.

You can do these obstacle course races with family as a team even with children! Most obstacle course races have a race just for the kids. This helps get the whole family involved! Below are a few links to look up the obstacle course runs that are going to happen 2019-2020! Try one out let us know how it was and how you did!


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