Fall APFT Prep Challenge: Week #8 Bonus!

In week three, we did a push-up Tabata as the bonus.  This week’s challenge is again, the push-up Tabata.  Try to add at least 1-2 reps from your score in week #3.

Traditional Tabata is 8 sets of a single activity; in this case, push-ups.  Preform 20 seconds of push-ups, ten seconds of rest for eight sets.

For this Tabata, our goal is consistency.  Try to get the same number each set.  Your score is the lowest number of push-ups you get in any one, 20 second block.  Go for a high score.  Want to make it harder?  Try moving your arms in closer to your sides for a close stance (or triceps) push-up.

Check out this video:  https://youtu.be/4tbSlP8JO34


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