FIT-P Tip of the Week!

SSG Charles Williams

Muscle Mass and Metabolism

There are many benefits to gaining muscle mass and there are many ways to increase your metabolism, but today we are just going to talk about the effects muscle mass has on metabolism.

Estimates suggest that when the body is at rest every pound of muscle burns roughly 6 calories per day compared to a pound of fat which burns 2 calories per day. So if you were to start a strength program and put on 10lbs of muscle you would burn an extra 60 calories per day. Looking at the number it doesn’t seem like much but over time it can make a significant difference.

Another factor muscle mass has on metabolism is the amount of calories burned during the workout. Someone with more muscle mass will burn more calories compared to someone doing the same workout and less muscle mass. Also someone with more muscle mass usually can go harder and longer during a workout which increases calories burned.

If you do not have previous weightlifting experience, be sure to seek professional guidance before starting any strength program.


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