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2LT Ashley Anderson

Body fat linked to brain health

Being overweight is shown to affect more than just your waistline. A study that was published in Neurology showed that when excess body fat stored, primarily in the abdominal area, it is linked to lower grey matter volume when compared to those who are leaner. This effect remained strong even after the researchers accounted for other outside factors that would affect brain volume. Having a higher waist-to-hip ratio mattered more than a history of smoking, education, and a history of mental illness.

It should not surprise anyone that being overweight has a multitude of effects on health, so don’t act surprised when you find out that obesity is going to affect your brain health. There is also recent data that suggests that regular exercise may be a way to counteract the negative influences that obesity has on the body and the brain. Take a look at the links below to learn more.





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