Tip of the Week

2LT Ashley Anderson

Active with the Whole Family

The holidays are right around the corner. This means travel, food, family, and fun! It can seem extremely hectic to find any time to have quality time with your spouse and kids. Over the next week try combing your family time with fitness fun.

  • Make it a priority: make fitness a priority with your kids and spouse, even 30 min a few days during the week will do the trick.
  • Play: take your kids on a trip to the park, go swimming, play tag or chase your young ones around the house if you can’t get outside. You can do this with your animals as well as with kids.
  • Make yard work a game: turn a boring “chore” into a game! Rake leaves and jump into the pile! Involve everyone and make it a fun time instead of mundane.
  • Head out for a nature walk: google different State and local parks to walk or bike in. Make it an adventure and try to find a new one every week.
  • Schedule a weekly game or sports night: get the whole family involved and play a game of soccer, football, or any other game your family enjoys.

No matter what you do or try the goal is twofold, you get to spend quality time with your family and you are now teaching your family that fitness is not a chore but a lifestyle that is fun and enjoyable.



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