Why join a fitness challenge?

MOARNG Fitness Improvement Training Program

Why Participate in a Fitness Challenge?

Fitness Challenges:

Many workplaces, gyms, healthcare facilities, families, and groups of friends are creating fitness challenges.

Why?  Challenges are often designed to simply encourage physical activity and/or healthy life choices.  Challenge participants may have a variety of reasons to participate; here are a few:

  1. It’s not about you.  Many challenge participants participate simply to encourage or promote fitness/wellness.  Often people with their own fitness regimens already in place participate in a challenge, not for the purpose of trying to win, but for the purpose of participating—promoting a fit community.  A person may select to not specifically work towards winning, but just record the activities that they do anyway—understanding that some of their daily exercises may not count toward the challenge.
  2. It IS about you. Challenges can help provide motivation for people to exercise or make a healthier choice.  Some people are externally motivated and seeing their peers reporting that they ran 3 miles or did 50 push-ups may provide motivation for that person to do the same, or more!
  3. It’s not about winning. For those who live a generally healthy lifestyle and make generally healthy choices, participating in a challenge doesn’t have to be about winning the challenge.  It can be about helping others see that healthy lifestyles are all around us, and they can do it too—promoting fitness culture.  A fitness/health challenge can also help those with healthy lifestyles already to stay on track—a simple reminder to take the stairs instead of the elevator or skip that donut at the work meeting.
  4. It IS about winning. Fitness challenges can provide motivation to do more; to win.  Seeing a battle buddy post that they completed 100 push-ups can definitely provide motivation to do 101.
  5. It’s about helping your battle buddies. A battle buddy seeing that you did 100 push-ups can motivate them to do 101.  Showing that many Soldiers in the MOARNG do work on fitness and health daily—even if all fitness and health activities are not represented—promotes fitness culture.
  6. It’s about team building. Working out together—even virtually working out together promotes comradery and team-building.
  7. Join FIT-P in a 2020 Fitness Challenge! https://moguard.challengerunner.com/GroupPage.aspx

It is NOT necessary to participate in all challenges (although you certainly can), we suggest picking one or two.

Available challenges:

2020 Give it up Challenge:

Have a bad habit or vise you would like to be rid of?  Give it up with us!  Join the Give it up Challenge!  01 January – 31 March 2020

https://www.ChallengeRunner.com/enroll/ffb4dp-1vqd         Challenge code:  ffb4dp-1vqd

Big 3 Weight-Lifting Challenge:

Record your 3 rep max for the bench press, back squat, and deadlift.  All lifts must be performed on the same day.  Submit a video of your lifts to mofitp@gmail.com  01 January – 31 December 2020

https://www.ChallengeRunner.com/enroll/4334dp-1vqf         Challenge code:  4334dp-1vqf

2020 Running Miles Challenge:  Record miles ran daily.  01 January – 31 December 2020

https://www.ChallengeRunner.com/enroll/a004dp-1vqj         Challenge code:  a004dp-1vqj

2020 Walking Miles Challenge:  Record miles walked daily (not total steps).  01 January – 31 December 2020

https://www.ChallengeRunner.com/enroll/28b4dp-1vqn        Challenge code:  28b4dp-1vqn

2020 ACFT Alternate Cardio Events Challenge:  Log minutes of swimming, biking (any bike), or rowing.  This challenge is open to everyone (regardless of which cardio event you do for the ACFT or APFT).   01 January – 31 December 2020

https://www.ChallengeRunner.com/enroll/26f4dp-1vqp         Challenge code:  26f4dp-1vqp

January Hand Release Push-up with Arm Extension Challenge:  Log number of repetitions daily.   01-31 January 2020

https://www.ChallengeRunner.com/enroll/b914dp-1vqt         Challenge code:  b914dp-1vqt

POC:  1LT Megan Webb, 785-565-1536, mofitp@gmail.com

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