Tip of the Week!

2LT Ashley Anderson

6 Tips for sticking to your fitness resolutions

It’s that time again! We are going to start putting our New Years resolutions in action and this will be the year you stick with them!

  1. Keep your goals small and specific- SMART Goals
  2. Put money on it – financial incentive have been proven to help those with weight loss, you should have some skin in the game.
  3. Make fitness a PRIORITY! – put it on your calendar. You wouldn’t cancel an appointment with your boss or with a hot date right? The same should be with your fitness, don’t cancel on yourself.
  4. Don’t do it alone—bring a friend or family member in with you to help hold you accountable
  5. Mix it up—if your program has you doing the same thing every day, day in and day out, you will get bored. Spice up your workout and you will be more likely to stick to it
  6. Track your progress – there are sooo many apps out there to help with this. This will also help you stay accountable for your work you do.

Use these 6 tips to help bring in your New Years Resolutions. Good luck!FITP


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