FIT-P’s Monthly Newsletter April 2020 Edition

FIT-P’s Monthly Newsletter

April 2020 Edition

Focus on Mental Health:

With many units not drilling in April, it is even more important to check in (virtually) with our battle buddies.  A phone call or text message can go a long way.  Many people, including our Soldiers, may be feeling added stress, anxiety, loneliness, and/or worry about their finances in the midst of the pandemic.  Often Soldiers may not actively seek help; reach a helping hand (virtually) and help them proactively connect with available resources.  Resources are available to help!  Please see the attached list; additional resources may also be available in your area.

Fitness Culture:

Fitness culture includes our physical, emotional, mental, social, and financial wellbeing.  What can we do to help others meet these needs in this time of uncertainty and isolation?  Reach out to a battle buddy!

Unit Fitness Coordinators: 

Upcoming UFC courses will focus on teaching UFCs how to help their units train for the ACFT.  The April course has been cancelled due to the current pandemic.  The next course is scheduled for 17-21 AUG 2020 at the RTI at FLW.

Unit Fitness Coordinators can help your unit by leading drill weekend PT sessions, working individually with Soldiers who are struggling with APFT/ABCP/ACFT, managing a unit fitness/wellness program, and helping manage flags and counselings for APFT/ABCP.  UFCs can/should help promote fitness culture.  Each MOARNG unit should have at least one UFC.  One UFC per 50 Soldiers is recommended.  Refer to the FRAGORD for enrollment information.

Fitness Challenges:

Please see the attached list of 2019 and January-February 2020 Challenge Winners!  If any of these Soldiers are in your unit, please help us congratulate them!  No physical prizes will be awarded.

April Stay-at-Home Workout Challenge!  Simply log your minutes of at-home workouts (not time spent cleaning or doing chores).  This challenge runs 01-30 April 2020.  To sign-up, visit: Challenge code:  3fa4dp-24vk  Soldiers are also encouraged (not required) to share a picture of their at-home workout on Challenge Runner, Facebook, and/or Instagram.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are staying home; required to stay home or choosing to do so to promote public health and not contribute to the virus spread.  This is a time to find new ways to be healthy—physically and mentally.

Need at-home workout ideas?  Check out,, YouTube Yoga with Adrienne, or any of the many more ideas online.  Questions?  email

There are multiple online challenges in 2020, a list of current challenges is attached.  Pick one or two that interest you and sign-up!  (To sign-up, visit:!  For enrollment assistance or other questions, email

ACFT:  Stay up to date on ACFT info here:


1LT Megan Webb, MPH, NASM CPT, MOARNG Fitness Improvement Director (m-day),

1LT Mike Taylor, M.Ed, NASM CPT, FIT-P Personal Trainer/Health Coach Program Manager,

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Soldier Resources:

Please take a moment to reach out to your battle buddies.  A phone call or text message can go a long way for a Soldier who may not seek help on their own.

Here are some resources available to help:

Mental health resources for everyone:

Financial Assistance:

The Missouri Military Family Relief Fund (MMFRF) provides financial assistance to qualified military members and their families. The fund is established to make Quality of Life and Medical Based Grants (QLMBG) during periods of financial hardship. This fund is available for members of the Missouri National Guard or a Missouri resident who is a member of another Reserve Component branch, and their families. AGR and Technicians are not able to receive this benefit. However, Soldiers should call a representative below to ensure there are not extenuating circumstances which may qualify them if they are FTUS.

◾Be a National Guard or a Reserve member that either lives in or drills for Missouri.
◾Hold a rank from E-1 up to O-3 or W-2.
◾Have not received a previous grant from this fund within the last 12 months
◾Not have a situation that requires a monetary resolution in less than a week

◾Nonessentials (cell, cable, Wi-Fi, etc.)
◾To finance leave or vacations
◾Pay fines or legal expenses
◾Help liquidate or consolidate debt
◾Cover bad checks or pay credit card bills

Please contact a Family Assistant Center Specialist nearest you for assistance and/or to turn in your application:

Stella Druml, 2405 Logistics Rd, Jefferson City, MO  65101, W: 573-638-9688, C 573-777-0972,

Danny Higgins, 7600 Ozark Rd, Kansas City, MO  64129, W:  816-922-5000 x35106, C: 573-301-4565,

Vicki Martin, 1616 S. Missouri St., Macon, MO  63552, W: 660-385-1167 x13716, C: 660-351-5659,

Julie Lannan, 2001 Clarendon Rd, Sedalia MO  65301, W: 816-559-4100 x34196, C: 660-351-5877,

Sara Williamson, 801 Armory Dr., Jefferson City, MO  65109, W: 573-659-1600 x31626, C: 573-489-7463,

Matt Gonzalez, 11455 Natural Bridge Rd, Bridgeton, MO  63044, W: 314-832-1158 x13008, C: 314-914-9328,

Tammy Latimer   , 1400 N. Fremont Ave., Springfield, MO  65802, W: 417-868-6024 x36024, C: 417-425-3452,

Matt Jenkins, 2626 Independence St, Cape Girardeau, MO  63703, W: 573-339-6206 x16206, C: 573-301-2960,

The COVID-19 Emergency Relief Program was created to provide financial
assistance to all Veterans, Active Duty Service Members, National Guard and
the Reserves who are experiencing a financial setback due to the negative
economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant amount will support 1
month of payment up to $1500 in the following areas: Rent, Mortgage, Auto
Loan/Lease and Utilities. The other programs that the PenFed Foundation
offer are: 1) Emergency Financial Assistance, 2)Family & Caregiver Support
Grants, 3)Dream Makers Home Buying Grants, 4) Veteran Entrepreneur
Investment Program (VEIP).

Throughout the Midwest, The Salvation Army can help with: Rent/Mortgage, Utility Bills
Medicine, Food, Clothing, Transportation (public transit, bus passes, etc.).  The Salvation Army is providing a variety of services to
help families and individuals weather the storm, whether it be financial emergency, shut-off notices or through a multitude of other hardships,
every year we serve millions of individuals across the United States. Listed programs can be accessed through the following link:

Nicor “Sharing” Program
Evergy – Economic Relief Pilot Program
Energy Assistance Service (EAS)
People Care by Consumers Energy

Gary Sinise Foundation
Relief & Resiliency
Heal, overcome, persevere & excel. Our H.O.P.E. initiative provides complete support to those who have experienced trauma, illness, injury,
or loss during their times of urgent need, sometimes with assistance as simple as help paying bills or buying groceries. Any military service members,
veterans, first responders, and their families affected by COVID-19 can apply for financial assistance through an initiative of the Foundation’s Relief and Resiliency program, called H.O.P.E.
**Applications are submitted via the “CONTACT US” page.**

If you need financial assistance for overdue bills, repairs, or other critical family needs? If you are active duty, deployed, a veteran,
or are a wounded, ill or injured service member — and meet our criteria — you may be eligible for assistance from
Operation Homefront’s Critical Financial Assistance.

Army Emergency Relief (AER) is a private non-profit organization established to assist Soldiers and their Family members in emergency financial situations
due to no fault of their own. Financial assistance is given in the form of an interest-free loan, grant, or combination of the two.  Army Emergency Relief is for possible loans and grants.
The following individuals are eligible for AER assistance in accordance with Army Regulation 930-4:
*Soldiers on active duty and their eligible dependents
*Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers activated on Title 10 orders for more than 30 days and their eligible dependents
*Soldiers retired for longevity, medical, or upon reaching age 60 (reserve component) and their eligible dependents
*Surviving spouses who have not remarried and children of Soldiers who died on active duty or died after reaching retirement eligibility
Click on More-Office locator-Enter your zip code and you will be given the closest location to you. Three known locations in Missouri are:

Whiteman Air Force Base
705 Arnold Ave

The Army Emergency Relief Office at Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Ft. Leonard Wood
14060 Replacement Ave, (Bldg 486)
573-596-0212 (3154)

The Army Emergency Relief Office at Fort Leavenworth, KS
Ft. Leavenworth
Rm 119, Army Community Service

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