FIT-P healthy tip of the week!

2LT Ford

Lose weight the NEAT way:

With all of the advancements in technology we are now accustomed to convenience.  If we need to communicate with someone we just “text” them.  If you have a question we send a “quick email”.  You need to get to the top floor of your building to deliver that piece of paper, do you take the stairs?  Most of us take the convenient way and use the elevator.

All of these new ways of doing things are compromising our health.  By doing all of these little convenient things we are missing out on all of our non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT).  NEAT is all of the energy burning activities we do that do not involve sleeping, eating, or sport like activities.  Some examples are: tapping your foot while at your work desk, tapping your pin on your desk, moving you head from side to side to stretch your neck, walking from coworker to coworker, using the stairs instead of the elevator, washing dishes, walking around the house while you are on the phone.

By doing more of these little NEAT activities you could expend 200-1000 extra calories each day!  This may not sound like a lot to you.  Look at it this way, if you are trying to burn extra calories and these little daily tweaks can help you stay in that deficit, why not start now!


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