FIT-P Tip of the Week!

2LT Pepper Young

Health: the state of being free from illness or injury; a person’s mental or physical condition.

Soldiers today must realize that improving health is more than just spending thirty minutes in the gym or eating an apple for breakfast. There are several aspects that play into being the most optimal tactical athlete, which we are going to lay out below.

The first tier of a well-rounded tactical athlete is “physical dominance”. This is where the performance triad falls with sleep, activity, and nutrition. These factors are the foundation and need to be established as habits to be successful as a Soldier. Adequate amounts of sleep, calorie intake, and movement/ training will improve cognitive function during operations and any challenges they face.

The next tier is emotional health. Forming routines and resources to stay resilient throughout their military career is crucial. Things like morning routines, nighttime routines, work/rest balance, family time, and a close friend circle all fall into this category.

These areas can be evaluated continuously to be aware of where improvements need to be made, keeping you at your peak of performance. Use the chart below to evaluate how you are currently feeling and “rate” your tactical athlete health.

tip of the week pepper june 2019 pic

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