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Steady State vs HIIT

1LT Taylor

One of the biggest topics of discussion in the realm of Health and Fitness is ‘Which is better, High Intensity Interval Training or Steady-State Training?’

Steady State training is exactly what it sounds like, working at a given intensity for long durations of time. A good example of this is endurance running. This type of training is good for improving cardiovascular properties like Cardiac output or the amount of blood your heart pumps with each beat. However, since long lasting endurance type activities are done more often at a lower intensity, the rate at which you burn calories can be lower comparably.

HITT training is a form of interval training consisting of periods that alternate between higher intensity and lower rest periods. These are great for anyone to use as there is no set standard to formatting. The benefits of HIIT include a greater effect on fat loss due to the higher intensity during the activity and may also be a result of higher metabolic activity following a session. This however can easily lead to overtraining if scheduled too often.

Which is better then? The answer seems tricky but it depends on what your goals are. It is a good idea to incorporate both as they both have their strengths.

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