Fitness Friday: Plan for success!


Plan for Success!

2LT Megan Webbcalendar

Planning for success is not only important for nutrition, it is important for fitness.

Many people have great intent—‘I’m going to start working out more’.  However, without a plan for success, many of those good intents end there.  To help yourself succeed, try planning your workouts in the same way you would plan an important meeting or appointment.  Look at your schedule for the week and schedule in workout times in advance.  Consider the who, what, where, when, and why for your workouts.  Who is working out (you of course, but anyone else?); what (what will your workout consist of); where (gym, home, school track, park, pool, trail, etc.); when (day and time); and don’t forget the why (why is it important that you work out).  Write it on your calendar and stick to it!


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