Fitness Tip of the Week!

Cold Weather PT

LT Mike Taylor

As we move to the colder months, we need to make sure we stay on top of our physical fitness, and that means potentially getting out into colder weather. As we do so we need to make sure we take appropriate measures to prevent cold weather issues or injury.

Remember that as you get moving in the colder weather, your body will naturally warm up. Depending on how you are dressed, you could find yourself too warm if you are bundled up. In the same way, you will cool of rapidly once you stop moving. The key to dressing for cold weather is dressing in layers. As you start moving and warming up, you can shed the outermost layers to adjust to your body heat. You can easily tie a jacket around your waist on a jog and keep going, or think about a loop so you can pick back up your clothes as you finish. Also keep in mind when you finish, you may want to get out of your damp clothes and into something dry to prevent you from getting too cold.

Stay warm, and conquer the weather!cold weather run

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